That's right. And it was interesting hearing Congressman Mica mention right away that it's not going to pass. I mean, it's not going to pass the Senate, but this is still a bold gesture by the Republicans in the House that sends signals to the rest of the country. And as he - he mentioned the bad start the Republicans got off to back - I presume in 1994, when the Newt Gingrich Congress took over there - in Bill Clinton's first midterm. They did do some overreaching that sent signals that the public didn't appreciate, calling themselves revolutionaries and pushing for spending cuts that resulted in the shutdown of the government. And that's looming in the air right now. That debate is looming over the debt ceiling, raising the debt ceiling, which a lot of Republicans don't want to do. And... This vote is likely to come up in March. The debt ceiling, the ability of the United States - the legal authority for the United States government to borrow has to be raised every once in a while if you're going to keep.That's right. ...the current system. And there's some in the Senate - and, of course, in the Senate, one senator can block anything.

Yay, yay. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, Ken.  I'm excited to be back. Well, a very historic day on the House floor today, the first time in history a person of color was elected speaker of the House - that's John Boehner. That's different color - sorry. Tan is his color.  Tan is his color. But it was very remarkable, very moving. We'll talk about that later because I thought the big story of the day was the fact that 19 Democrats voted against Nancy Pelosi for speaker.     But having said that, today's trivia question is: Which speaker had the most defections from members of his or her own party for election as speaker? So if you think you know the - which speaker of the House lost the most votes from members of his or her own party on the floor of the House of Representatives. Of course the winner gets a fabulous no-prize T-shirt.    Well, yes and no. For example, Gabrielle Giffords, who is kind of a moderate liberal, moderate from Arizona, who squeaked to re-election on November 2nd, she voted for John Lewis, for example. There were two votes for John Lewis. Jim Costa of California voted for Dennis Cardoza of California.

Dennis Cardoza of California voted for Jim Costa. I'm not making that up. If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.  Exactly. There was one vote for Steny Hoyer. But there were, I think, 11 or 12 for Heath Shuler. And again, you know, it was - look, we knew that John Boehner was going to be elected speaker. The Republicans have a huge lead, 242 to 193. That's a pretty big lead. But the fact is that Nancy Pelosi lost 19 of her fellow Democrats. That was, I thought, significant. And we're going to focusing, as we said, much of this hour on Capitol Hill, but lots of news out of the White House as well.   The news, I guess the news of the day is filament led bulb, the press secretary, the White House press secretary, has announced he is resigning his position to be a consultant. And he's not leaving President Obama. He and President Obama have been very close.