They have three common-anode RGB LEDs per segment with a specific wavelength. We have no micro controller chip on these analog strips. Analog RGB LED strips are in the form, of reel with the length of 10cm long. They are easy to cut at the boundary of each section with cutting sign and copper tab.  Every section has total number of nine LEDs containing three red, three green and three blue LEDs.

Due to three LEDs in series they cannot be run through 5V current only 12v current can be used for these LEDs, or in either case you can use 9Volt with dimmer. In the process of wiring the white wire is solder with +12volt and red green and blue with their corresponding positions respectively. In order to do this you have to solder the strips from the boundary having copper tap. The current is usually induced through the 12V adapter with remote control for changing colors of the lights.

People make various patterns through LED strips. This is mostly done by creative people. In the field of media these LED strips are used at very large scale at various places in the studio. Various patterns are made through these LED strips.  Some people make curtains from these strips; some use it in their rooms. People use them to decorate their car lights. These LED strips are water proof and has variety of colors, they also have high density LED lights which glow more than the normal ones. They also have quality of getting charged and can be used with the help of charging battery. They are used for domestic purposes in the form of charging torch lights. These are charging light consisting of numbers of LED strips in the sequence. They can also be charged through the USB hub port.

Digital LED strips are the one which are used in market in order to glorify the shops. For example in jewelry shop these strips are used in show cases under the glasses.  These lights are very much trendy and stylish. This product is very much growing in the society. People are buying these lights very excitedly.

A large amount of companies are making these lights which have declined its quality and market price, but this has also made the things easy for the buyer but complicated as well. Because large number of variety of linsheng has made difficult to identify the right thing.Find more information relating to dicroica led, and lamparas led here.