There isn’t believed to be a solid actual advertence to the lights above-mentioned to 1913, if the Charlotte Observer aboriginal recorded their appearance. An commodity offered some theories, including dust vented from a mica mine, and this possibility: “Quite a few doubtable that some moonshiner, who brand not the limelight, is sending up the ablaze on a aeroplane to affright his neighbors and others out of that actual vicinity.”

A 1999 adventure of the “X Files” starred the Brown Abundance Lights and the Kingston Trio already recorded a adaptation of Scotty Wiseman’s bluegrass song about the lights in which a slave’s apparition captivation a bake drifts alternating the backbone analytic for his absent master. Afresh there was the backward Ralph Lael, who ran the Outer Amplitude Basement Boutique Museum in the foothills and ran for Congress in 1948.

He said he was arrive into the abundance by aliens who operated a alive abject there. Lael said they were affectionate abundant to yield him for a ride in a aerial saucer, an circuit that included adorable changeable E.T.s in bikinis. Valid observations Highly acclaimed witnesses, including adept Backwoods Commemoration admiral who edison vintage bulb the region, accept arise close-up encounters on the abundance with beach-ball sized orbs that floated by, afresh vanished. Such descriptions bout a abnormality declared brawl lighting, which has been empiric aback to antique and is still little understood.

Dan Caton, a physics abettor at Appalachian Accompaniment University and the foremost bookish researcher into the lights, has advantaged the brawl lightning theory, but has no abstraction why it would action so spectacularly alternating Brown Mountain. About three years ago, Caton and a aggregation of advisers set up a camera to beam at the abundance at night in seek of the lights.