LED bulb doesn't contain mercury, greatly reduced pollution to environment. In addition, LED light source also are resistant to vibration, color gamut broad etc. Characteristics:  However, with the projector entertainment, digitization process accelerate, now some 100 lumens brightness around LED the projector also has come out, price is reasonable, such as relative also 10 lumens's figure yards PK -- 101 projector 3999 yuan, 150 price only P400B SP - samsung lumens only 7999 yuan price projector. According to latest news shows, LED light source 1080p projector will also in and June was published, brightness for the 700 lumens, will sell for about eight thousand yuan.

The biggest changes brought by LED light the volume of the fuselage is to reduce the life of the bulb, prolong service life. Previously, ordinary projection bulb life only 2000 - LED light bulb, but 40 hours to ensure its trial life for 2 million hours, and now a common projector bulb replacement cost in 2000-3000 yuan, LED greatly saves users later maintenance costs.

Although the restrictions of the technical aspects, there are still many defects; LED although the price limits, LED price also in most consumer outside psychological price (cheap LED lights). But I think the next generation of LED become mainstream light source is unlikely to change trend (wholesale LED christmas lights), so is the future belongs to LED light source.

Now, the LED mainly have two different kinds: RGB color and white LED. White leds relatively cheap, low power consumption, and tricolor LED more the color gamut is a much broader and expensive. In television, LED backlighting notebook displays, longer application can ensure that screen more low, low consumption, color gamut broader, color also more uniform. Meanwhile, Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. also prompted these electric light source images (LED screen is thinner).