The Dash blender has a sleek modern round design, looking more stylish than the utility looking Vitamix, and also has more color choices too, e.g. bright red and green. Anyone who cares about stylish appliances will certainly be considering this blender.  


The tritan pitcher is BPA-free and holds 2-liters, 64-ounces. In the pitcher there are 6-point stainless steel blades. It comes with a tamper, just like the Vitamix. In fact the pitcher looks and very similar to Vitamix, and even fits and works on it. The major difference is the lid and the blades.


The digital interface comes with six preset functions: rinse, soup, smoothie, puree, crush and frozen. The manual and pulse function allows you to take control with a push of a button. One other major difference to many other blenders is its height, it's very tall might not fit under all counter-tops.