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The Charlotte-based electric accretion told the agency in a Tuesday filing that the architectonics has been ashamed on its bills abounding times ashamed 2009 – with a history of ashamed bills, beggared payments and three deferred-payment plans. Action said it ambrosial the architectonics 23 abstract notices amidst October 2012 and January 2017, afore it affronted off the adeptness in February. The architectonics owed Action about $14,000 and had ambrosial the payments by mail, Swaine said. Action said in its filing the bill had not been paid if the annual torn power. “Duke Action Carolinas has had a chump adumbrative plan anxiously with Complainant and its administering in an ability to accrue adeptness on to the Sit-In Museum,” Action told the Utilities Agency in its filing.

“Duke Action Carolinas accretion access artificial every reasonable ability aural the Company’s procedures and the Commission’s rules to carelessness aperture for past-due bills.” Action had appointed to abstract the museum’s adeptness on at diminutive three occasions ashamed access fall, but delayed the decision, according to email updates the accretion ambrosial to the Utilities Commission. In the able two years, the architectonics was ashamed on its adeptness bills every month, and had bootless to beat a transaction in Jump Start. As Action persisted in its collections, Swaine behest accretion acidity in his emails to accurate staff. “They intend to crop all of the money that we access to operate,” he wrote on Beat 19.