Made up of Sturdy Components: Most of the LED lights are made up of rugged and sturdy materials that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. These lights are resistant to shock and other external factors. Indeed they are the best choice for outdoor lighting because they can resist extreme weather conditions. Zero Ultra Violet Emissions: Another benefit of LED fixtures is that it generates hardly any infrared light and no UV emissions. Due to this fact, LED fixtures are an apt choice for materials and goods that are sensitive to heat as they have hardly any emissions. It is also the best source of illumination for art galleries, museums and other such sites.

Can be combined in Any Shape: If you want a fantastic lightning effect then using an LED light fixture will be a great idea. They can be combined in any shape to produce the kind of effect that not only soothes your eyes but elevates your mood too. For Dispersal of Light to the Desired Location: LED bulbs can focus the light to any specified direction and you do not have to use external reflectors. It is due to this reason that they are a better choice than the other traditional light sources as they can focus the light efficiently at a particular direction. Require Low Voltage:  A low voltage is adequate for the illumination of LED lamps and these lamps brighten up instantly when they are powered on and traditional lights take several seconds to attain full-fledged brightness.

Doing so, you can bank on the high power LED technology. MR 16 3 wat LED halogen replacement are developed for the 35 watt bulb and is considered amongst the most brightest replacers for the 35 watt bulb with no heat production. Nonetheless, it is one of the lowest power consumers with no or little maintenance costs. It is primarily built with a sleeker design and functions in a wide variety of applications. 

Hero led store brings for you high power vintage bulb which are long lasting and solves your all kinds of lighting requirements with more efficiency and durability.