LEDs are light emitting diodes that are proficient light source compared to other earlier methods that were just lightning up your screen using fluorescent tubes. LED TV uses lot of space as backlights requires lot of space in the back of television making it thicker in size. Another useful feature is it consumes less energy which saves you good on your utility bills. Amongst other brands there are too few brands that are known to offers supreme quality LED TVs such as Sony, LG and Samsung LED TV.

Exploring LED TV Brands: Samsung LED TV offers great image quality and is available in slim design. So if you are running out of the space and want to have LED, Samsung could be the answer. The LED TVs from Samsung are energy efficient and easy to wall mount. They work equally in bright-lit rooms as well as darker ones. Some of these models are 3D which easily converts 2D movies to 3D.

When it comes to LED TV, how can we forget Sony- the market leaders. Sony is one of the top makers of LED TV in today’s date and with comprehensive line of models it gives tough competition to its peers. For any keen gamer or viewing enthusiastic there is one beautiful model to choose from. If you are keen on building your own cinema in your house, then SONY LED TV and its home entertainment system is the one to go for.

LG LED TV is presently gaining enormous popularity because of its innovative technology, style and price. LG brand has launched some of the greatest models in LED TV series and is consistently offering to keep in touch with its consumer’s expectations. LED TV from LG is available with enhanced contrast and colour spectrum creating vivid image. The viewing angels are also improved that offers rich experience to the viewers.

Price: The LED TVs from these brands have come up with some great glowing reviews from the customers worldwide. You may find their prices extravagant, but believe it once you buy one of these models you will not regret a bit about your buying decision. They are value for the money LED TVs.

Conclusion: led filament bulb light are great entertainer and the technology is here to stay. If you are looking forward to buy and have your own personal cinema experience then there is no stopping as the brands have come up with some great viewing models for you.