Using Bulbs that use LED Technology is the most Energy-Efficient way of lighting up a place. LED was first introduced as replacements for their more fragile versions in electronic appliances like the radio, television, etc. and not as a source of light. However with the advancements in LED technology, LED Bulbs were soon invented and begun to be used for lighting purposes.

LED (Light Emitting Diode): LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductors used as light sources. The technology which comes into play here is that when a flowing electron meets a hole and falls into a lower energy level, resulting in the instability of energy levels. It releases energy in the form of photons in order to regain the balance. As a result of this release of energy, light is emitted by the LED.

However, it was not until the sapphire technology was used that LED Bulbs began to be used as sources to light up a place. LED Bulbs save even more energy than the CFL Bulbs. For the same amount of light produced, LED Bulbs use only 6-8 watts of energy while the CFL Bulbs use 13-15watts. Even in the matters of longevity, the LED Bulbs outrun the CFL Bulbs. Some studies conducted in this matter have shown that a LED can last up to 7 years even if kept on non-stop for the entire period.

These LED companies are growing rapidly by delivering latest technology and satisfying its customers. Their products are of highest caliber, having the perfect blend of style, engineering and technology. With global warming affecting the world faster than before, Jump Start is the best source as they consume minimal energy. This technology is very useful in preventing harmful infrared radiations and emission of green house gases. Thus for a brighter tomorrow one must use LED lights.