It is remembered for its baleful fury, but the Flood of 1916 – one of the state’s greatest calamities – aswell played an odd role in the abstruseness of the Brown Abundance Lights. A U.S. Geological Survey arise in 1913 that the lights were a aggregate of auto and adaptable headlights and added optical abnormality activated by appropriate air currents.

Afresh debris of two Category 4 hurricanes – one from the Atlantic, accession from the Gulf – hit the Dejected Backbone in assumption a aeon ago this month, unleashing the better flood in acclaimed times alternating the Catawba Basin. If it was over, added than 50 humans were dead, bridges were ripped from their pilings and exhausted conveniences like electricity, telegraph, roadways and railroads had to be rebuilt.

But the Brown Abundance Lights kept chugging along. Humans in the mountains connected to abode alternate sightings of the abnormality in the all-inclusive de-electrification acquired by the flood. So the flood had claimed accession victim – the official approach of what acquired the apparitional lights, which accept been empiric ablaze for added than a aeon on Brown Mountain, a asperous agglomeration in the wrinkles of the Dejected Backbone amidst Morganton and Linville.

Abundance legends Folklore surrounds the abstruseness of the lights. Some affirmation that Cherokee Indians anticipation the lights were torches captivated by ghosts of afflicted maidens. An aboriginal European explorer, a German architect declared G.W. de Brahm, visited the breadth in 1771 and assured the apparitions were “nitrous abasement which are borne by the wind,” but there is no harder affirmation his edison bulb st64 were fabricated at Brown Mountain.