Ordinary infrared LED's appearance is general similar to visible light LED, but it is the issue of infrared light. Pressure of the general drop in his possession is about 1.4v, operating current is typically less than 20mA. In order to adapt to different working voltage, Circuit is often limited resistor string.

When corresponding infrared transmitter to control the controlled device,the control distance is proportional to the transmission power. In order to increase the distance control of infrared, infrared light-emitting diodes operating in pulse state, because pulse light's (modulated light) effective transmission distance call is proportional with the pulse stream wind,Just try to improve the peak Ip,which can increase the distance of infrared light emission.to improve Ip way is to reduce the pulse duty cycle,also the compressed pulse width T, a number of TV's infrared remote control,whose work of the infrared LED pulse duty is cycle of approximately 1/3-1/4;Some electrical appliances infrared remote control's duty cycle is 1 / 10.Pulse duty cycle can reduce to a low-power infrared light emitting diode emission and make it from the greatly increased.Ordinary infrared light-emitting diodes,whose power is divided into low-power (1mW-10mW), the mid power (20mW-50mW) and high power (50mW-100mW and above) three categories. Making infrared light emitting diodes produce modulated light, just need to drive pipe with a certain frequency of the pulse voltage.

When infrared emission infrared light emitting diode control the controlled device, controlled device has a corresponding electrical conversion of infrared optical components, such as the infrared receiver diodes, transistors and other optical. There has been paired diode matching with infrared transmitter and receiver.

There are two ways in infrared transmitter and receiver, one is direct type, the other is reflective. Direct-type refers to the receive the launch tube relative placed on both ends of controlled substances, distance apart in the middle; reflective means the receiver and luncher tube tied together, usually receiving tube has no light, only the infrared LED Encountered light reflectors, the receiver tube receives the reflected infrared light and begin to work. Twin-tube infrared emission circuit, can increase the transmission power, increasing the role of infrared emission .

In manufacturing, companies tend to focus on the development of high-power multi-wavelength design,mainly producting LED whose peak wavelength from 850nm to 940nm infrared.mostly for remote control, disk drives, computer mouse, and sensor components.Shenzhen Electronic Co., Ltd general manager Kim Ho Peng Xiaotao said,850nm infrared LED has a far distance, and 100W maximum power transmitter output,and it is very popular in the market. An array of these devices are used for safety equipment and display backlighting.

The power to promote mainland's Infrared LED's improving come from home appliances (wholesale LED lights), security systems and wireless communications products.At present, Among Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Ningbo, Xiamen and several major production, many manufacturers of capacity utilization was only about 50%. To meet the demand, I believe they have the capacity utilization, however,beacause some companies are eager to expand production capacity and improved production equipment and facilities,we expect the infrared LEDwill be strongly growth in production and sales. from: led bulb light