Advantages of LED Tube Lamps
Environmentally friendly lamps: the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor and if broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. No noise: LED lighting does not produce noise, and it is a good choice for the occasion using precision electronic instruments. T5 fluorescent tube light decay rate size is small, the light fades extent serious, so it has a decisive influence on the quality of T5 fluorescent tube lighting effects and life. One of the most intuitive is also very important quality parameters: T5 fluorescent tube light decay. According to the technical quality, led tube t5 light can be divided into: T5 LED fluorescent tubes and T5 LED energy-saving tube lamps. From the point of view of production, it can be divided into: T5 LED fluorescent tube lamps and T5 LED energy-saving tube lamps.
LED T5 Tube
T5 LED lighting is a kind of LED tubes, and its diameter is 5/8 inch, about 16 mm.
T8 LED Tube

T8 LED Emergency Light Manufacturers Tube in fact is one of the main products of indoor LED lightings, and it is similar to ordinary fluorescent tubes, using low-voltage DC power supply, but it cannot be connected directly to the mains. LED lamp does not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, so it plays a protective effect on the environment. It is suitable for lighting of library, offices and the like occasions.htm
This article come from:http://www. The LED tube lamps are the recognized green lighting of the twenty-first century. The technical quality of T5 energy-saving lamps is much better than the T5 LED fluorescent lamps. And the indoor lighting places also have its presence. The T8 LED tube light has been widely used in many places. T8 LED Tube development has experienced two stages, one is the edison light direct insertion LED lights, and the other uses the high-performance SMD LED lamp beads.power-supplier. T8 LED lamps are mainly used in office lighting, factory lighting, library lighting, subway lighting, shop lighting, shopping malls lighting and hotel lighting, etc. LED Tube LED constant current work is the direct conversion of AC to DC power, effectively reducing LED decay, quick start, no flicker, eye protection. Eye protection: the traditional fluorescent lamp uses AC, so there are 100-120 times per second Both in the technical performance of the luminous efficiency, energy-saving rate, lighting quality and effect, life there is a greater difference. led tube lights t8 is generally classified according to its length, different lengths have different power, the longer the length, the lamp beads will be more, the power will be greater. T8 LED tube lighting uses the latest fourth-generation light source, energy saving and environmental protection, the development direction of the future of lighting